Let’s go to Sanriku special feature – there’s more!

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Let’s go to Sanriku special feature – there’s more!

Eight years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The suspended JR Yamada Line (Kamaishi-Miyako) will be restored, and the Sanriku Railway will be connected as the Rias Line.
Why not take a trip to the charming Sanriku on the Sanriku Railway, the longest third sector railway in Japan with a total length of 163km?
Sobocchi will introduce you to the highlights, focusing on the areas that have just opened!


  1. Wood carving fish museum Fish banya
  2. Suzuumi no Oka Winery
  3. Utori Shrine
  4. Hama no Eki Omoto Aidokan
  5. Kamome Terrace Sanriku Kasho Saito main store

*The contents posted are as of February 19th and 20th, 2019.

Nearest station: Tofugaura Kaigan Station

Wood carving fish museum Fish banya

Opened in May 2018, Uo no Banya is a private art museum run by Eiichi Fukato (65) from Noda Village, surrounded by quiet mountain greenery overlooking the ocean. Inside the museum, which has a total floor area of ​​400 square meters, 350 pieces of work created by Mr. Fukato using chainsaws, chisels, and chisels are on display during his 50 years as an active fisherman. Using local zelkova wood with beautiful grain, the sea creatures of all sizes look as if they are about to move at any moment! Please take your time to enjoy its lively and lively appearance.


Nearest station: Noda-Tamagawa Station

Suzuumi no Oka Winery


Suzuumi no Oka is pronounced “Suzumi no Oka”. Iwate Prefecture has the largest cultivation area of ​​wild grapes in Japan! The mountain grapes grown in Noda Village, which account for about 40% of the total, are carefully ripened and grown by the cool winds “Yamase” that blow in from the Pacific Ocean. The high-quality wine is brewed with rare fruit juice squeezed from small, ripe fruits, and has a highly fragrant, pure, and simple natural flavor. There is a tasting room adjacent to the winery that overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and on sunny days, be sure to visit the open deck. In addition to wine, you can also enjoy a cheese set that goes well with wild grapes carefully selected by our sommelier, and a lunch box (limited quantity).

Nearest station: Fudai Station

Utori Shrine


Utori Shrine, affectionately known as “Udonori-sama” and worshiped as the god of safety at sea, good harvests, and safe childbirth, is home to many attractions, including the legend of Yoshitsune’s northward journey, where Minamoto no Yoshitsune saw a golden cormorant and was given a divine message.・Lots of experiences! In addition to the extremely rare omiku (fortune-filled fortune) that yields “Great Good Fortune,” which is rare even in Japan, it is also attracting attention as a power spot for love fulfillment, where if men tie the branches of a pine tree with their right hand and women with their left hand, their wishes for love fulfillment will come true. I am.
Also, as a nationally important traditional performing art, you should definitely experience the charm of Utori Kagura, which has been designated as a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. Inheriting the form of Yamabushi Kagura that began in the Kamakura period, they dance every other year from the 8th of the New Year through towns along the coast of Iwate Prefecture, from Kuji City in the north to Kamaishi City in the south. Various performances are performed at the Kagura hall.

Nearest station: Iwaizumi Komoto Station

Hama no Eki Omoto Aidokan

The white “Ryukomaru” that greets customers at the entrance is a landmark. Aidokan, a beloved place for tourists and locals to socialize and rest, is named after the local dialect “Aidogan,” which means “Let’s go together.” .

The direct sales store is full of fresh seafood and vegetables produced locally, and the cafeteria’s popular menu items include the “Ryuko Kaisendon,” which is loaded with seafood, and the “Komotohama Ramen,” which uses soup stock from spatula crabs caught in Komoto. is.

Hamano Station Omoto Aidokan Facebook

Hama no Eki Omoto Aidokan

Nearest station: Mori Station

Kamome Terrace Sanriku Kasho Saito main store


“Kamome Terrace” opened in November 2017 as the flagship store of Sanriku Kasho Saito Main Store, which also has a confectionery factory attached. “Engawa Cafe” sells Japanese and Western sweets and bakery goods, eat-in and cafe space “Kamome Kitchen” where factory tours and gallery space, DECO Kamome egg experience and sweets classes are held, modeled after the famous confectionery Kamome egg It is a facility where you can enjoy watching, making, and eating, including a children’s space.

Sanriku Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction Project 2019

This year, which marks the 9th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are planning various projects in 13 municipalities (open area type) along the coast of Iwate Prefecture.

For more information, please check here.

Sanriku Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction Project 2019


*The contents posted are as of February 19th and 20th, 2019.

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