Tai hot spring

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

Located in the mountains along the Daigawa River, about 1 km west of Hanamaki Onsen, is a historic hot spring that opened in the 14th century and is said to have been bathed in by the lord of the Nanbu domain. It has a calm atmosphere that retains the atmosphere of a spa, and there are about 14 inns lined up. The hot spring quality and efficacy differ depending on the inn. Hydrogen sulfide spring 52-98 degrees.

〒025-0305 Dai, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture
Day-trip Bathing Available
Route 1: Shin-Hanamaki Station → [8 minutes on the conventional line] Hanamaki Station → [25 minutes by bus] Dai Onsen bus stop → [2 minutes on foot] Dai Onsen

Route 2: Hanamaki Minami IC → [10 minutes by car] Tai Onsen
Tai Onsen Ryokan Association Information Center
Phone number 0198-27-2150

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