Takinoue Onsen

Shizukuishi Town

Central Iwate

It is a hot spring located in a volcanic zone with a history of over 200 years and was opened before the 7th year of Ansei. Deep in the Kakkonda Valley from Genbudo Cave, it is a secret hot spring surrounded by virgin beech forest, and the beauty of the 30-meter-high Shimagoe Falls, which stands out especially in the autumn leaves, is breathtaking. The spring quality is simple sulfur spring and contains sodium chloride. Effective for chronic skin diseases, diabetes, etc.

Shizukuishi Town, Iwate District
Directly Sourced Onsen
Route 1: Morioka Station → [20 minutes by conventional line] Shizukuishi Station → [35 minutes by taxi] Takinoue Onsen

Route 2: Morioka IC → [40 minutes by car] Takinoue Onsen
(One company) Shizukuishi Tourism Association
Phone number 019-692-5138
FAX number 019-692-5600

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