Kindaichi Hot Spring Village

Ninohe City

Northern Iwate

Kindaichi hot spring village has a history of over 1,000 years and is said to be where Ainu great chief Aterui took a bath. During the Edo period, it was a designated spa for the Nanbu domain and was called ``Samurai no Yu.'' It attracts attention from all over the country as the setting for the famous Zashikiwarashi legend, and many tourists come from far and wide. There are many attractions in the surrounding area, including Tendaiji Temple, Kunohe Castle ruins, and Masen Gorge.

028-5711 Kindaichi, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture
Day-trip Bathing Available
Route 1: Ninohe Station → [5 minutes on the conventional line] Kindaichi Onsen Station → [20 minutes on foot] Kindaichi Onsen Village

Route 2: Ichinohe IC → [20 minutes by car] Kindaichi Onsenkyo
Kindaichi Onsen Tourist and Ryokan Information Center
Phone number 0195-27-2540

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