Kawajiri Onsen Hottoyuda

Nishiwaga Town

Southern Iwate

Yuda Onsenkyo is blessed with abundant hot spring resources and beautiful natural scenery. As the gateway to the area, there is a station building with a hot spring called ``Hotto Yuda.'' This facility, which is rare even in Japan, is a rustic building that makes use of the elegance of wood.The clock tower on the tongari roof and the town bird ``Yamadori'' are modeled on it. The decoration is unique. The large public bath includes a bubbly bath, a sleeping bath, a private bath, and a rest room.

53, Kawajiri 40, Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun, Iwate 029-5512
Day-trip Bathing Available
Business Hours
The 2nd Wednesday of every month (the next day if it is a public holiday)
(Subject to change)
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [40 minutes on the conventional line] Hottoyuda Station → [1 minute walk] Kawajiri Onsen Hottoyuda

Route 2: Yuda IC → [5 minutes by car] Kawajiri Onsen Hottoyuda
Leave it alone
Phone number 0197-82-2911
Adults 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 120 yen
Break room free access

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