Okutsu Onsen

Nishiwaga Town

Southern Iwate

Hot Herb Kinshu, the only inn in Okutsu Onsen, has a unique ``walking bath'' that you won't find anywhere else in the town. Walking bath, as the name suggests, is a bathing method that increases the effect by walking, and is the original of this hot spring bath. There is a walking course in the bathtub, and the bottom is lined with cobblestones, which stimulate pressure points on the soles of your feet and improve blood circulation.

Okutsu, Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun, Iwate 029-5507
Day-trip Bathing Available
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [40 minutes on the conventional line] Hottoyuda Station → [5 minutes by bus] Kawajiri Line Okutsu bus stop → [1 minute walk] Okutsu Onsen

Route 2: Yuda IC → [5 minutes by car] Okutsu Onsen
Nishiwaga Town Tourism Association
Phone number 0197-81-1135
FAX number 0197-81-1136

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