Nostalgic taste handmade workshop

Ninohe City

Northern Iwate

On the first floor, sweets and side dishes such as Kushimochi, Sesame Kamasu, traditional-flavored Kyabamochi, Sanshokumochi, and ``Multi-grain starch syrup'' certified by a food master are sold. There is also a workshop on the second floor where 5 to 10 people can try their hand at it, where you can learn from food master Kyoko Horiguchi how to make Yanagibatto, handmade soba, millet dango, Higan dango, and Kenchin soup. .

26-7 Joboji Hida, Ninohe City
Business Hours
10:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays)
Route 1: Ninohe Station → [30 minutes by bus] Joboji Ekimae bus stop bound for Tohoku Joboji → [5 minutes on foot] Nostalgic Taste Handmade Workshop

Route 2: Joboji IC → [10 minutes by car] Nostalgic taste handmade workshop
Nostalgic taste handmade workshop
Phone number 0195-38-3787
Inquiry required
Kushimochi etc. experience fee starts from 1500 yen per person

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