attached horse cow doll

Tono City

Southern Iwate

Traditional craft dolls that were actively made in the Tsukumaushi area during the Edo period. After putting washi paper and Tono soil into a mold and letting it dry naturally, the top layer is layered and colored with pigments extracted from natural materials. The luster achieved through painstaking polishing is the result of a secret handicraft, and is unique to Tsukumagyu dolls.

42-8-6 Nuka, Aosasamachi, Tono City, Iwate Prefecture 028-0501 (Tono Folk Doll Folk Art Village)
Business Hours
Tuesdays (other temporary closures may apply)
Route 1: Shin-Hanamaki Station → [60 minutes on the conventional line] Tono Station → [1 minute walk] Atsushi Umagyu Doll

Route 2: Towa IC → [55 minutes by car] Fukumagyu Doll
Tono Local Doll Folk Art Village (exhibition, experience, sales)
Phone number 0198-62-1335
Admission fee: General 260 yen, high school student 210 yen, elementary and junior high school student 160 yen

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