Rindo Ashiro

Hachimantai City

Central Iwate

When you think of ``gentian'', you have the image of a bon flower, but in summer, it looks hazy and when combined with white flowers, it creates a cool feeling. In autumn, enjoy the contrast of colors such as yellow carnations and blue gentians, or pink roses and blue gentians. We deliver gentian flowers to all over the country from Hachimantai City, which ranks number one in Japan in both quality and production value.

70 Suda, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture
Route: Morioka Station → [90 minutes on the conventional line] Araya-Shinmachi Station → [10 minutes on foot] Ashiro Rindo
(One company) Appi Gentian development
Phone number 0195-72-2111

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