Roadside station “Yamabikokan”

Miyako City


The ``Roadside Station'' Yamabiko-kan has a direct-from-the-farm corner selling local specialties, a restaurant called ``Momo-tei'' that serves menus made with local ingredients, a local food corner, and specialties not only from the local area but also from the surrounding area. It is a hub for a wide range of food, including a corner where food is sold. In addition, at the adjacent farm direct store, fresh vegetables and seasonal wild vegetables delivered daily by local farmers are popular.

8-2 Kawauchi, Miyako City 028-2513
Business Hours
*Business hours may be shortened in winter.
Route 1: Morioka Station → [70 minutes by bus] 106 Express Yamabiko Sanchokan bus stop → [1 minute walk] Roadside Station "Yamabikokan"

Route 2: Morioka Minami IC → [70 minutes by car] Roadside Station “Yamabikokan”
"Roadside Station" Yamabikokan
Phone number 0193-85-5011
135 regular cars, 5 large cars

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