Agri Park Osawa

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate

Agri Park Osawa is an exchange facility with bathing accommodations, restaurants, and a product corner. The bathing facilities at Helston Hot Springs include a purely Japanese-style Hiba no Yu, a Western-style granite bath, and an open-air bath. It is also a facility where you can enjoy leisure activities such as park golf, and in the adjacent product corner, you can enjoy fresh local vegetables and seafood such as sea bream and sea urchin. Among them, Hoya ramen and raw sea urchin bowl are popular.

69-16-1 Taneichi, Hirono-cho, Kunohe-gun 028-7914
Aguri Park Osawa
Phone number 0194-66-2662
FAX number 0194-66-2661

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