Kiku no Tsukasa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Shizukuishi Town

Central Iwate

It is characterized by its fresh and clear sake, which is made using underground water from Mt. Iwate in a temperature-controlled environment. Kiku no Tsukasa Sake Brewery's tradition is to use only carefully selected high-quality sake rice, rice malt, and clear water, without using any other auxiliary ingredients. Among them, ``Kiku no Tsukasa'' and ``Seven Lucky Gods'' are often used as souvenirs, evening drinks, and at celebrations. The attached shop also has limited edition alcohol and goods.

[Main products] Kiku no Tsukasa, Seven Lucky Gods, innocent

11-1 Nagayama Orozawa, Shizukuishi-cho, 020-0585
Kiku no Tsukasa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Phone number 019-693-3330
FAX number 019-693-3335

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