Suki kelp

Fudai Village

Northern Iwate

Suki konbu is made by drying kelp that has been cut into 2-3 mm pieces and made into sheets. Sukikonbu is synonymous with Fudai Village, so much so that some people won't buy it unless it's produced in Fudai. The nutritious and high-quality kelp grown in the Fudai Sea is carefully processed without sparing any effort. It is known for its beautiful green color and soft texture, and for its high quality. We are proud of our kelp, which ranks among the top in production and sales in the prefecture. It is sure to be useful in a variety of situations, such as stir-fried, seafood salad, side dishes, and boiled tofu.

Fudai Village, Shimohei District
Fudai Village Policy Promotion Office 0194-35-2114

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