Yamato no Oka Forest Park

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate

Yamato-no-oka Forest Park is located halfway up Mt. Kujihiradake. The view from the Chibikko Hiroba viewing point offers a panoramic view of more than 270 degrees, with the rich greenery of Taneichi and the refreshing blue of the sea. The plaza also has slides and other play equipment, making it perfect for families. The park has a campsite with a wooden deck and an administration building with a shower room, so you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor life.
Transfer to JR Tohoku Main Line Hachinohe Station and get off at JR Hachinohe Line Taneichi Station

Address: Matsunaeba, No. 71, Taneichi, Hirono-machi, Kunohe-gun, Iwate 028-7900
Contact name: Hirono Town Fisheries and Commerce Division

Phone number: 0194-65-2111

FAX number: 0194-65-4334

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