Nabekura Park

Tono City

Southern Iwate

In the middle years of the Tensho era, Asonuma Hirosato moved it from Kokoji Temple in Matsuzaki Town, and at first it was called Yokota Castle, but later it was called Nabekura Castle. In the 4th year of Kan'ei era, Nanbu Naoe joined the club from Hachinohe and ruled Nabekura Castle for 250 years, but in the 2nd year of Meiji era, Nabekura Castle was abandoned. Currently, there is an observation deck modeled after a castle tower on the ruins of Sannomaru, overlooking the city, and during the cherry blossom season, Yoshino cherry trees and wild cherry trees are in full bloom.

〒028-0511 Tono Town, Tono City, Iwate Prefecture
(One company) Tono City Tourism Association
Phone number 0198-62-1333
FAX number 0198-62-4244

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