Torigoe Kannon

Ichinohe Town

Northern Iwate

This is an old temple that is said to have been founded by Jikaku Daishi in the early Heian period (early 9th century). Nukabe is known as one of the 29 temples of the 33-sho Kannon pilgrimage, and as there is a record of a pilgrimage tag from 1512, it is believed that it was already a popular sacred place for Kannon pilgrimages in the latter half of the Muromachi period. has been done. The Okunoin temple was built in a rocky hut on a steep cliff of Mt. Torigoe, and is visited by many worshipers as a sacred place of Kannon.

Torigoe Miyakosawa, Ichinohe Town, Ninohe District, Iwate Prefecture
Goshono Jomon Museum
Phone number 0195-32-2652
FAX number 0195-32-2992

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