Toyomane River headwaters

Yamada Town


About 10km upstream from Hito Bridge, deep in the Osonoera swamp, there is a limestone cave that is still not fully understood, and a forest of beech and oak trees that are about 150 years old. The headwaters of the Toyomane River flow through this area, one of the few unexplored areas left in Yamada Town. The clear stream that flows continuously from the stream merges with the source and becomes a tributary of the Tsugaru Ishi River, which runs through the steep mountains of the Kitakami Mountains. In autumn, the green leaves of the trees turn bright red, coloring the mountains, and then falling, eventually becoming covered in snow. This process has been repeated over and over again, becoming the source of creating a rich land. The Japanese scenery that changes with the seasons soothes the hearts of those who see it. It is also a treasure trove of char and yamame trout, and is popular among mountain stream fishing fans. The valley, which runs through a clear stream, is full of cool air even in the hottest season, making it the perfect place for forest bathing. It is also one of the Eight Views of Yamada.

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