Shijuhachizaka Observation Deck

Yamada Town


It was named ``Shijuhachizaka'' because it was said to be a difficult place for transportation in the past and had many winding slopes. Today, with the opening of National Route 45, the road has been improved and it has become the southern gateway to Yamada Town, and the observation deck has become a place for tourists and others to rest during their drive. Because it faces the Pacific Ocean, the observation deck offers a panoramic view of the varied coastline and rounded horizon. It is located along National Route 45, 33 km from Miyako and 20 km from Kamaishi, halfway between the two, and is one of Yamada's eight scenic spots.

Funakoshi, Yamada-cho, Shimohei-gun
Yamada Town Resident Life Division
Phone number 0193-82-3111
FAX number 0193-82-6052

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