History and Folklore Museum/Hall of History and Folklore

Karumai Town

Northern Iwate

The History and Folklore Museum and the History and Folklore Museum are connected by a corridor, and the Folklore Museum has information on ``Nature and history of Karumai Town,'' ``Farming methods and horse production that supported daily life,'' ``The iron industry that pioneered the era,'' and ``Festivals and local culture.'' The exhibits are based on four themes: ``Entertainment''. In addition, the History and Folklore Hall is used as a venue for the presentation of creative activities, as well as folk tales, the history, climate, folklore, and ruins of Karumai Town.

9-53-1 Oaza Karumai, Karumai-cho, Kunohe-gun, Iwate 028-6302
Business Hours
Every Monday, the day after a public holiday, year-end and New Year holidays
Adults 100 yen, high school students and younger 50 yen
History and Folklore Museum
Phone number 0195-46-4232

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