Itsukaichi lion dance

Iwate Town

Central Iwate

Itsukaichi's Shishi Odori is a curtain-style dance (the curtain is shaken from the inside), and is performed on festival days at Inari Shrine.The dance begins within the grounds of the shrine, and then goes around the town as part of the festival procession. The music consists of two drummers (wearing colored patterned long undergarments, sashes and sashes, black thigh-high socks, white tabi socks and sandals), one flute player (Hanten), and one gong player (Handen). The lions are boys, 3 large lions and 3 small lions. There are two clowns and four Tayuu as caretakers. Date: Iwate Town Autumn Festival Parade (Chunichi)

028-4301 Numamiyachi, Iwate-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Hideo Tanaka
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