Mt. Hikami

Rikuzentakata City


Located in the southeastern part of the Kitakami Mountains, this mountain has an altitude of 874.7m, with the southwestern foot of the mountain connecting to Hirota Bay, and the northeastern base leading to Ofunato Bay. The mountain's name is said to originate from a legend that even if a forest fire broke out, the fire would be extinguished as soon as the flames got close to this mountain. The West Palace, the Nakano Palace, and the East Palace are enshrined at the top of the mountain, and it is said to be a mountain for praying for rain and the god of fire prevention, and has attracted the devotion of local people as a place to pray for a good harvest and a big catch. The area near the summit is a rolling grassland and shrub belt, where you can enjoy lilies of the valley and azaleas during the fresh green season, and autumn leaves in the fall. The Tamayama Plateau, which is a typical trailhead, is home to the ruins of the Tamayama Gold Mine, which is said to have supported the Hiraizumi Golden Culture by three generations of Fujiwara. To the north are Mt. Hayachine and Mt. Goyo, to the southwest are Mt. Murone, and the ria coastline of Minamisanriku.

Rikuzentakata City
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