Roadside station “Miyamori”

Tono City

Southern Iwate

It is located in the center of Miyamori Town, halfway along National Route 283, which connects the inland and coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture. The ``Fureai Information Plaza'' inside the roadside station sells agricultural products and wasabi processed products produced in the town, and provides information on sightseeing spots and events in the town. The rest corner and restrooms are available 24 hours a day. Adjacent to a shopping center, nearby is the Meganebashi Bridge, which is reminiscent of Kenji Miyazawa's ``Night on the Galaxy Railway'' and has become a symbol of the town.

30-37-1 Shimomiyamori, Miyamori-cho, Tono 028-0304
Business Hours
Direct sales office/tourist information center/9:00-18:00 (until 17:30 from November to March)
Rest corner/24 hours
Direct sales office/tourist information center/2nd Wednesday, 1/1
Contact name: Roadside station “Miyamori”

Phone number: 0198-67-2929

FAX number: 0198-67-2929
Route 1: Shin-Hanamaki Station → [30 minutes on the conventional line] Miyamori Station → [10 minutes on foot] Roadside Station "Miyamori"
Route 2: Miyamori IC → [10 minutes by car] Roadside station “Miyamori”

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