Kitakami Peace Memorial Exhibition Hall

The Kitakami Peace Memorial Exhibition Hall, which opened in 2002, displays military mail sent to Minejiro Takahashi, who was a long-time teacher in the Fujine district of Kitakami City, from a student of a soldier from a rural village, as well as wartime materials, guns, and clothing. I am.
We hope to accurately convey to future generations the tragic war experiences of young soldiers from rural villages who served in the Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War, and pray for lasting peace in the world.

147-3 Fujine 14, Waga-machi, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
Business Hours
10:00-16:00 (April 1st - December 25th)
*Closed in winter
Mondays and Tuesdays (open on public holidays, closed the next day)
Closed in January, February, and March
*Please contact us each time regarding closing dates.
Free (reservations required for group tours and experiential learning)
Kitakami Peace Memorial Exhibition Hall
Phone number 0197-73-5876