Horai Island

Otsuchi Town


This gourd-shaped island floating in Otsuchi Bay is selected as one of the New Eight Views of Otsuchi and represents the image of Otsuchi Town. Benzaiten is enshrined at the shrine on the island, which is deeply worshiped by fishermen and local people to pray for a bountiful catch and safe voyages. A memorial tower for fur seals is built at the base of the red lighthouse. The island is affectionately known as ``Gourd Island'' by the townspeople, and is a fishing mecca where anglers visit in all seasons.

〒028-1102 Akahama, Otsuchi-cho, Kamimei-gun, Iwate Prefecture
(One company) Otsuchi Town Tourism Exchange Association
Phone number 0193-42-5121
FAX number 0193-42-5122

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