Shizukuishi Town

Central Iwate

A high-rise wetland with an area of ​​approximately 46 hectares located in a pine forest. After about a 3-hour walk from the Takinoue trailhead, you will reach a wetland dotted with ponds of various sizes. It is valuable for its large scale and preserved primitiveness, and is also home to a splendid abundance of alpine plants.

〒020-0573 Shizukuishi Town, Iwate District, Iwate Prefecture
Shizukuishi Town Commerce and Tourism Division
Phone number 019-692-2111
FAX number 019-692-5208
In winter, the prefectural road to the trailhead is closed.
Route 1: Morioka Station → [20 minutes by conventional line] Shizukuishi Station → [35 minutes by taxi] Sennumahara trailhead → [180 minutes on foot] Sennumahara
Route 2: Morioka IC → [45 minutes by car] Sennumahara trailhead → [180 minutes on foot] Sennumahara

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