Galaxy Poppo (Karakuri Clock)

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

A mechanical clock with the motif of Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tale "Night on the Galactic Railway." It is located at the north entrance of ``Nahan Plaza'' in front of Hanamaki Station, and when the long hand points to 12 o'clock, characters from fairy tales appear along with the opening melody, an arrangement of ``Hoshimeguri no Uta'' (composed by Kenji Miyazawa).

North side of Nahan Plaza, 1-2-21 Odori, Hanamaki City, Iwate 025-0092
Business Hours
10:00-22:00 (every hour)
Nahan Plaza
Phone number 0198-22-4412
FAX number 0198-22-4791

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