Mt. Kurakake

Takizawa City

Central Iwate

Mt. Kurakake, located at the base of Mt. Iwate and with an altitude of 897m, is a hiking course for families where you can easily enjoy climbing. This is the mountain that Kenji Miyazawa loved, and there is a monument to his poem ``Kurakake no Yuki'' next to the parking lot. Mt. Kurakake has been designated by the government as a scenic spot in Ihatov, and its appearance changes spectacularly with each season: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Please take a look at the majestic view of Mt. Iwate from the summit.

〒020-0172 Takizawa City Ukai Adachichi
Takizawa City Tourism and Products Division
Phone number 019-684-2111
FAX number 019-684-5479
[Time required] 80 minutes to the top and 60 minutes to the descent from Ainosawa Campsite *During the winter, the parking lot is not cleared of snow. Kurakakeyama badges are now on sale at Takizawa Nature Information Center!

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