Miyako City Pleasure Boat “Miyako Umineko Maru”

Miyako City


*Miyako City's new pleasure boat "Miyako Umineko Maru" began operating on Sunday, July 17, 2020. This is a new sightseeing boat that takes you around Sanriku Geopark and geosites with a guide, including the beautiful scenery of Jodogahama, a nationally designated scenic spot. Until now, the service had only been operated from Jodogahama, but the newly constructed Dezaki Pier is also scheduled to serve as a departure and arrival point.

1-20 Rinko-dori, Miyako City (inside Seatopia)
Iwate Prefecture Kita Jidosha Co., Ltd. Mori no Kuni
Phone number 0193-65-8856

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