Goshono Ruins [World Heritage Site]

Ichinohe Town

Northern Iwate

On July 27, 2021, the 44th World Heritage Committee (held online) decided to register the Jomon Ruins in Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku as a World Heritage Site, including the Goshono Ruins. The Goshono Ruins, a large settlement site from the middle of the Jomon period, is designated by the government. The park has been restored to its original state, including pit dwellings and stone circles. At the museum, you can learn about the Jomon period, the Goshono ruins, and the culture of this area. The wooden pedestrian bridge that connects the ruins to the parking lot, ``Kikiki no Tsurihashi,'' is also worth a visit. Sobacchi went to the Goshono ruins! [Special feature on World Heritage Goshono Ruins]

2 Goshono, Iwadate, Ichinohe-cho, Ninohe-gun, 028-5316
Business Hours
9:00-17:00 (However, admission is until 16:30)
Every Monday, the day after a holiday, year-end and New Year holidays
Admission to the park is free
Museum Exhibition Room Adults 300 yen, University students 200 yen, Elementary, junior high and high school students (under 18 years old) free
*Groups of 20 or more people receive a 50 yen discount per person.
Goshono Jomon Museum
Phone number 0195-32-2652
FAX number 0195-32-2992
Toilet: Located on the 1st floor of the Multipurpose Toilet Museum

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