Kamaishi City


A mountain with an altitude of 1,351m and semi-plain terrain. It is the highest mountain in the prefecture that is closest to the sea, and the view from the top is great, allowing you to see the entire Sanriku sea. The azaleas are beautiful in the spring and the rhododendrons in the summer, and there is a virgin forest of Japanese cypress trees near the mountaintop, and it has been designated as a prefectural natural park, home to Japanese macaques and the northernmost Japanese deer. It takes about 2 hours to reach the summit from Akasaka Pass, the most popular trailhead.
[Mountain opening] April 29th every year

026-0000 Kamaishi City
Kamaishi City Industrial Promotion Department Commerce and Tourism Division
Phone number 0193-22-2111
FAX number 0193-22-5003
Parking: Yes
Toilet: Closed during winter

[Summer] Azalea early to mid-June

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