Kawaguchi fox dance

Iwate Town

Central Iwate

The Kawaguchi Fox Dance is also called Inari Kagura, and the fox symbolizes the use of Inari Daimyojin. It is said that when Inari Shrine was relocated from the Kawaguchi Castle ruins to its current location, a fox dance was also performed, and Kanjiro Segawa completed the process during the Meiji period. The dancers are boys from 12 or 3 years old to around 20 years old. The music consists of 2 to 4 people playing drums, 2 or more people playing flutes, and 2 or more people playing handguns.The drums are danced with the fox. The order is ``circle'', ``two-row crossing'', ``circle'', ``two-row crossing'', and ``concluding circle''. Date Kawaguchi Autumn Festival

028-4211 Kawaguchi, Iwate-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Takashi Segawa
Phone number 0195-65-2935

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