Jingaoka Camp Ruins and Bee Shrine

Jingaoka, where Minamoto no Yoriyoshi and his son Yoriie are said to have set up camp during the Nine Years War, was the base of numerous wars.
In addition to historical sites related to the War of the Nine Years, such as the Bee Shrine that is said to have been commissioned by Yoriyoshi and his son Yoriie, and Nakajima of the Moon Ring and Hino Ring that Yoriyoshi ordered built,
There is a clear water that is said to have been used by Minamoto no Yoritomo to wash the head of the murdered Fujiwara Yasuhira during his conquest of the Oshu Fujiwara clan.

It is a sacred place full of poetic beauty, with cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring, hydrangeas in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn.

〒028-3302 Miyate Jingaoka, Shiwa Town, Shiwa District, Iwate Prefecture
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[Summer] Hydrangea July

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