Kakkonda Valley

Shizukuishi Town

Central Iwate

This valley is located in the upper reaches of the Kakkonda River that flows at the southern foot of Mt. Iwate, and is approximately 10 km long from Genbudo Cave to Takinoue Onsen. There are a variety of broad-leaved trees, including primeval beech forests, and the fresh greenery and autumn leaves are especially beautiful. At the back of the gorge is Torigoe Falls, a stunning 30m waterfall that falls from the rock face into a deep green basin. During the autumn leaves season, it is crowded with many people. [Autumn leaves] Usually early to mid-October

Nishine Takakurayama National Forest, Shizukuishi Town, Iwate District
(One company) Shizukuishi Tourism Association
Phone number 019-692-5138
FAX number 019-692-5914

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