Miyako City


A major tributary of the Hei River, which originates in Wainai, Miyako City and flows along National Route 340, with a length of approximately 25 km. It joins the Hei River in the Shigeruichi area. There are many wild char and yamame trout, and you can also enjoy sweetfish fishing downstream. Each tributary is a treasure trove of char, and is a paradise for Taikobo. The beauty of the valley is also outstanding. Upstream there is Aba Sanso, which uses mineral springs. Telephone: 0193-62-8711 (Heiigawa Fisheries Cooperative Association)

Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture 028-2104
Business Hours
daily fishing ticket
Minor fish: March 1st to September 30th Ayu: July 1st to the period determined by the Fisheries Association
Daily fishing ticket Small fish 1,000 yen Ayu 1,500 yen
Miyako City Niisato General Office Industrial Promotion Division

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