Sannozan Onsen Zuisenkyo

A solitary inn in the mountains with three different hot springs along the Natsuabu River upstream of the Kitakami River.
Along the river, you can enjoy the changing seasons with cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery.
The thick, lotion-like hot water is popular as a ``beauty bath.''
The bathrooms are "Yume no Yu", "Beauty Yu", women's open-air bath "Seseragi no Yu", men's open-air bath "Shiki no Yu",
We offer a number of private baths, including ``Yoshimi no Yu'' and ``Nagomi no Yu''.
The hot spring bath and shower also use the source water, so you can relax in the soft spring water.
Our meals are carefully handmade using fresh, safe and secure ingredients, with a focus on local ingredients. Please enjoy our chef's proud products that are healthy for your body.
[Best time to see autumn leaves] Mid-October to early November

65-2 Shimorimatsu, Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate 021-0101
Phone number: 0191-39-2031
FAX number: 0191-39-2106

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