Yahaba Town National Recreation Center

Yahaba Town

Central Iwate

It is located in a place blessed with a natural environment such as Nusakake Falls.
Because the spring quality is alkaline, it is a hot spring that has great beauty effects and does not make you feel cold.
In addition, you can enjoy local cuisine ``Hitsumi'' and dishes made with local products at the in-house dining hall or at banquets.
The soba served at the cafeteria uses Sansa Soba, an original soba with pearl barley.

〒028-3623 Iwate Prefecture, Shiwa District, Yahaba Town, Enyama No. 1 Lot 5
Business Hours
[Hot spring] 10:00-21:00
[Dining room] 11:00-20:00
3rd Tuesday of every month, December 31st - January 2nd
Phone number: 019-697-2310
FAX number: 019-601-5156

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