Utori Shrine annual festival

Fudai Village

Northern Iwate

Mid May 2024

*The details for 2024 will be announced later.
The annual festival at Utori Shrine, which heralds the arrival of early summer on the coast, is held on April 8th (mid-May) according to the lunar calendar. As the shrine is worshiped as a god of matchmaking and safe childbirth, as well as maritime safety and big catches, the festival attracts people from not only the local Shimohei area, but also those involved in the fishing industry from Hachinohe in the north and Kamaishi in the south. Many people visit the main shrine (Oku-miya) at the top of Mt. Ukotori-san, where the fresh greenery is dazzling, and pray for safety at sea and a bountiful catch. In addition, Utori Kagura (designated as a national important intangible folk cultural property in 2015) is dedicated on the grounds.

Address: 13 Ukotori, No. 25, Fudai Village, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture, 028-8362
Mid May 2024
Utori Shrine Office Phone number 0194-35-2339

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