Sea Festa in Fudai

Fudai Village

Northern Iwate

2024/10/1st Sunday

This is an event where you can enjoy Fudai's seafood and mountain delicacies, attractions, stage shows, and more at Ota Nabu Fishing Port. Inside the market, in addition to direct sales stands run by agricultural cooperatives and fishermen's cooperatives, there are about 30 shops selling fresh seafood and specialty products, including the village's chamber of commerce, youth association, and general stores. There's the ``Venue Parade,'' where fishing boats carrying flags of big catches ride through the sea winds of Kita-Sanriku, and the ``Live Fish Catching Contest,'' where valuable female salmon are released. On the special stage, there will be a song and dance show as well as local groups performing, and the finale will be a big hit. A large amount of mochi-maki will be held.

Otanabe Fishing Port, Fudai Village, Shimohei District
2024/10/1st Sunday
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