Yakushi Park Cherry Blossom Festival

Kamaishi City


Early April 2024 - Mid April 2024

*The details for 2024 will be announced later. This park is located on a hill in the city center, offering a panoramic view of the city and Kamaishi Bay. Inside the park, there is a statue of a woman erected to comfort the spirits of war victims and pray for peace, as well as a memorial monument to Yosuke Takahashi, who devoted himself to the development of the Kamaishi Steel Works. In spring, about 200 cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, and about 150 paper lanterns are set up in the park.

〒026-0024 Omachi, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
Kamaishi Tourism and Products Association Phone number 0193-27-8172 Fax number 0193-31-1166
Lantern lighting from sunset to 21:00

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