Morioka Castle Ruins Park Ishigaki Illumination

Morioka City

Central Iwate


The annual illumination of Morioka Castle's stone walls began in 1990, when the inter-high school skating competition and winter national skating polity were held, to welcome winter tourists, and the lights created a fantastical effect on the stone walls. It's in the light of. Morioka Castle was completed in 1633 during the reign of Shigenao, the 28th lord of the Nanbu domain. It is a flat castle that used the Kitakami River, Shizukuishi River, and Nakatsu River as a natural moat, and is also known as Fukugata Castle.Currently, the stone walls and pond remain, and it is popular with citizens throughout the year as Morioka Castle Ruins Park.

Morioka Uchimaru (Morioka Castle Ruins Park)
Light-up hours 17:00-22:00 (winter) *17:00-22:00 on December 31st *18:00-22:00 after February 19th
Morioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Regional Development Department
Phone number 019-624-5880

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