Sahiuchi Kanayama Festival

Shiwa Town

Central Iwate

2024/8/14 (August 14th every year)

The Sahiuchi Kanayama Taiko drum was created by the entire community to commemorate the renovation of the elementary school building in 1987 in order to pass on the culture to future generations as a heritage of the area, based on the history of the Sahiuchi district, which once prospered due to its gold production. This is Shiwa Town's first creative drum. At the Sahiuchi Kanayama Festival, efforts are also made to pass down the tradition, with performances held for each age group: nursery schools, elementary schools, junior high schools, young people, parents and children, and seniors. There will also be local performing arts, Bon dances, raffles, and food stalls.

Sahinai Sotogasawachi, Shiwa-machi, Shiwa-gun, Iwate Prefecture (Sahiuchi Cycle Park special venue)
2024/8/14 (August 14th every year)
Doors open at 15:00 and close at 20:00
Sahiuchi Kanayama Taiko Preservation Society
Phone number 019-674-2626
◎In Reiwa 5, there will be a performance by Miyako City's Yamaguchi Taiko Association as a guest corner.

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