Japan’s hometown Tono Festival

Tono City

Southern Iwate

2024/9/3rd Saturday to 2024/9/3rd Sunday

Approximately 60 groups participate in the Tono Festival, Tono City's largest festival, and Tono's local performing arts such as Nambu Bayashi, Shishi Dance, Kagura, Sansa Dance, Rice Planting Dance, and Mikoshi (portable shrine) are performed.

Around Tono Station, Tono City/Tonogo Hachiman Shrine
2024/9/3rd Saturday to 2024/9/3rd Sunday
3rd Saturday and Sunday of September every year
Tono Festival Executive Committee (Tono City Tourism Exchange Division)
telephone number
*If you are coming by car, please use a nearby temporary free parking lot or a paid parking lot.

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