Agripark Osawa Spring Appreciation Festival

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate


*The details for 2024 will be announced later.
This event has a lot of content that both adults and children can enjoy! In addition to air trampolines, fishing boats, and excursion horse carriages (3rd and 4th), the annual All Japan Warazoring Tournament will be held on the 4th. Also, as a special benefit during the period, park golf is free of charge, and elementary school students are free to use the baths. We also have stalls, so please come visit us during Golden Week!

16-1, No. 69, Taneichi, Hirono-cho, Kunohe-gun, Iwate 028-7917
[2023 schedule]
◆May 3rd (Wednesday/Holiday)
12:00~Free Harukaze large pot
13:00~River fish catching competition
◆May 4th (Thursday/Holiday)
10:00~Flea market
14:00 - All Japan Straw Zoring Tournament
◆May 5th (Friday/Holiday)
11:00~Mochi pounding experience
14:00~ Mochimaki tournament with prizes
15:00~ Osawa Women's Association Entertainment Show
Agri Park Osawa
Phone number 0194-66-2662

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