Toyama Bushi National Tournament

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Late July 2024

The Tamayama area is the birthplace of "Toyamabushi," one of Iwate Prefecture's most representative folk songs. It is a song that was first sung by laborers who worked at Toyama Ranch in the past and became popular.It is said that it originated from a work song for cutting forages at the ranch, and it was later adapted into a shamisen song and became an ozashiki song.

Shibumin Cultural Center Himegami Hall, 55 Shibumin Tsuruzuka, Morioka 028-4132
Late July 2024 Doors open at 9:00, Performance starts at 10:30
*Held in late July every year
Toyamabushi National Convention Executive Committee Secretariat
Phone number 019-683-2354
Free admission

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