Beach 2023

Kuji City

Northern Iwate

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate

Noda Village

Northern Iwate

Fudai Village

Northern Iwate

Miyako City


Yamada Town


Tanohata Village


Kamaishi City


Otsuchi Town


Rikuzentakata City


Ofunato City


Beach 2023


  1. Taneichi Seaside Park Beach (Hirono Town)
  2. Funato Beach (Kuji City)
  3. Samurai Beach Seawater Pool (Kuji City)
  4. Jufugaura Coastal Seawater Pool (Noda Village)
  5. Fudaihamaenchi Kiraumi Beach (Fudai Village)
  6. Tsukihama Beach (Tanohata Village)
  7. Jodogahama Beach (Miyako City)
  8. Fujinokawa Beach (Miyako City)
  9. Onnayudo Beach (Miyako City)
  10. Masaki Kaigan Kominato Beach (Miyako City)
  11. Uranohama Beach (Yamada Town)
  12. Kojin Beach (Yamada Town)
  13. Oranda Island Beach (Yamada Town)
  14. Kirikiri Beach (Otsuchi Town)
  15. Namiita Beach (Otsuchi Town)
  16. Nehama Beach (Kamaishi City)
  17. Ekikira Namiita Beach (Ofunato City)
  18. Ayari Beach (Ofunato City)
  19. Takada Matsubara Beach (Rikuzentakata City)
  20. Hirota Beach (Rikuzentakata City)

Taneichi Seaside Park Beach (Hirono Town)

Taneichi Seaside Park Beach is a beach with white sand and calm waves. There is also an administration building for your convenience.

[Opening period] July 23rd (Sunday) – August 16th (Wednesday)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room, administration building available

Taneichi Seaside Park Beach

Funato Beach (Kuji City)

A beach located at the entrance to Kosode Beach in Kuji City, which became popular due to the NHK morning drama “Ama-chan.” It’s a cove, and the waves are calm, so you can enjoy playing on the shore.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/31 (Thu)
[Facilities] Toilet and shower in the rest house

Samurai Beach Seawater Pool (Kuji City)

A natural seawater pool that utilizes a natural rocky area. You can enjoy it with peace of mind without worrying about waves coming in. The NHK morning drama “Ama-chan” was also filmed here.

[Opening period] July 16th (Sunday) – August 31st (Thursday)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower (100 yen), changing room

Jufugaura Coastal Seawater Pool (Noda Village)

An artificial seawater pool will be installed on the sandy beach of Tofugaura Beach, which has a beautiful gently curving coastline.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 9/3 (Sun) *Subject to change depending on the weather
[Facilities] Toilet, temporary shower, parking lot nearby

Fudaihamaenchi Kiraumi Beach (Fudai Village)

It is a beautiful sandy beach that stretches approximately 600 meters north to south in an arch shape.
The surrounding area has been developed as “Fudaohamaenchi Kiraumi,” and hot showers and changing rooms can be used free of charge during the beach season. Nearby is Hama-no-Farm Fresh Kiraumi, which sells specialty products and serves light meals.

[Opening period] July 14th (Friday) – August 27th (Sunday)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower (with hot water, free of charge), changing room, parking lot, direct delivery available

Tsukihama Beach (Tanohata Village)

At the nearby Tsukihama Banya group, you can experience fishing village culture such as making salt.
[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/16 (Wed)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room

Jodogahama Beach (Miyako City)

Jodogahama Beach, a scenic spot in Sanriku Fukko National Park. It was selected as one of Japan’s top 100 swimming beaches in 2006, and you can enjoy a comfortable sea bath.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/15 (Tue)
[Facilities] Rest house, shower, toilet, changing room

Fujinokawa Beach (Miyako City)

A wide beach with calm waves overlooking Miyako Bay. It is close to the city center and is crowded with families.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/15 (Tue)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room

Onnayudo Beach (Miyako City)

This beach is located in Sakiyama Onnaido, 20 minutes by car from Miyako Station.
Selected as one of “Japan’s 100 Best Bathing Beaches” (2006).

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/15 (Tue)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower

Masaki Kaigan Kominato Beach (Miyako City)

A majestic coast with a total length of approximately 2 kilometers that juts out to the north of Taro Bay.
In 2006, it was selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of Japan’s 100 Best Bathing Beaches.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/15 (Tue)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower

Uranohama Beach (Yamada Town)

Uranohama Beach is adjacent to Funakoshi Family Travel Village.
There are “Oyster Hut” and “Whale and Sea Science Museum” nearby, which the whole family can enjoy.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room

Kojin Beach (Yamada Town)

Located at the southernmost tip of the Funakoshi Peninsula, it is a quiet white sand beach surrounded by emerald green waters that are not affected by rough waves.

[Opening period] 7/22 (Sat) – 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room, shop

Oranda Island Beach (Yamada Town)

This is Tohoku’s only uninhabited beach.

[Opening period] Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 7/22 (Sat) to 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, changing room

Kirikiri Beach (Otsuchi Town)

It is said that the name comes from the Ainu word for “singing sand,” which makes a “kirikiri” sound when you walk on it.

[Opening period] July 25th (Tuesday) – August 16th (Wednesday)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room, parking lot

Namiita Beach (Otsuchi Town)

It is a beach with “one-sided waves” where waves come in from the sea and do not return.

[Opening period] 7/29 (Sat) – 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower, changing room, parking lot

Nehama Beach (Kamaishi City)

It is a beautiful, shallow, white sandy beach that forms an arc at the mouth of the Unosumai River.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/13 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, simple shower (water only), simple changing room, rest house (paid hot shower available)

Ekikira Namiita Beach (Ofunato City)

The sea water is highly transparent and the waves are calm, making it a safe beach for small children.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/13 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower (hot water/charged)

Ayari Beach (Ofunato City)

A beach with a beautiful contrast between the cobalt blue sea and white sand.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/13 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower

Takada Matsubara Beach (Rikuzentakata City)

The beach has smooth sand and a beautiful, shallow sea.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] 3 toilets, 1 shower building (hot water, 200 yen for 3 minutes), 1 cold shower (free of charge), temporary store planned to be installed

Hirota Beach (Rikuzentakata City)

It is a beautiful beach loved by the local community. It is crowded with local children and many families.

[Opening period] 7/15 (Sat) – 8/20 (Sun)
[Facilities] Toilet, shower (hot water/free), parking lot

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