Sugo Onsen

Nishiwaga Town

Southern Iwate

A small hot spring on the border of Iwate and Akita prefectures on National Route 107. Not only is transportation convenient, but the view is also exceptional. The landmark is a doll called ``Kashima-sama'' that wards off evil spirits. There are 4 inns with a rustic atmosphere and 2 day trip bath facilities.

〒029-5522 Sugo, Nishiwaga-machi, Waga-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Directly Sourced Onsen
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [45 minutes by conventional line] Yudakogen Station → [5 minutes by taxi] Sugo Onsen

Route 2: Yuda IC → [5 minutes by car] Sugo Onsen
Nishiwaga Town Tourism Association
Phone number 0197-81-1135
FAX number 0197-81-1136

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