Direct-from-the-farm facility “Heromachi Direct-to-Farm Center”

Kuji City

Northern Iwate

The facility is a one-story building made of local cedar and red pine, and a direct-from-farm facility with a water wheel on the premises that conveys the culture of rural areas. In addition to selling the city's agricultural and forestry products, we will also offer meals such as shorthorn beef, handmade soba and udon, tofu dengaku and mochi dengaku.

6-35-2 Toro-cho, Yamagata-cho, Kuji-shi 028-8601
Business Hours
New year holiday season
Route 1: Ninohe Station → [40 minutes by taxi] Direct-from-the-farm facility “Heromachi Direct-to-Farm Center”

Route 2: Kunohe IC → [20 minutes by car] Direct farm facility “Heromachi Farm Direct Center”
Heromachi farm direct store
Phone number 0194-72-3880

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