Yoshikuni Footwear Store (Nanbu Kiri Geta)

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Paulownia is the prefecture's flower, and Iwate Prefecture is known as one of Japan's leading producers of paulownia. It has long been called the "purple paulownia of the south" and is loved for its beautiful, slightly purplish skin. You can feel the culture of Morioka through the Nanbu paulownia geta, which is made by the only geta craftsman in Morioka and has fine grain and is light and comfortable to the touch.

1-14-22 Midorigaoka, Morioka 020-0117
Route 1: Morioka Station → [20 minutes by bus] Midorigaoka 2-chome bus stop → [5 minutes on foot] Yoshikuni Footwear Store (Nanbu Kiri Geta)

Route 2: Morioka IC → [20 minutes by car] Yoshikuni Footwear Store (Nanbu Kiritageta)
Yoshikuni footwear store
Phone number 019-662-6215
FAX number 019-662-6215
*It will be made after ordering. Please contact us by phone in advance.

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