Noda Village

Northern Iwate

This workshop is run by Yukiya Izumida, a potter from Rikuzentakata City who has received high praise in numerous contests. In addition to soil from Noda Village, he continues to create works with a focus on local materials, such as using loose ore from the Noda Tamagawa Mine. The workshop is adjacent to the Asian Folk Art Museum. Works can also be purchased from Gallery IZUMITA in Tamagawa, Nodamura.

6-63-2 Noda, Noda Village, Kunohe District, Iwate Prefecture 028-8201
Route 1: Morioka Station → [150 minutes by conventional line] Rikuchu Noda Station → [15 minutes by taxi] Nodagama

Route 2: Kunohe IC → [70 minutes by car] Nodagama
Nodayaki Workshop (Gallery IZUMITA)
Phone number 0194-78-3403

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