Roadside station “Kawasaki”

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

The roadside station "Kawasaki" is located 200m east of Kitakami Ohashi Bridge on National Route 284. There is a direct sales store for agricultural products and regional specialties, as well as a restaurant serving local ingredients. Among them, noodles (including various types of ramen) made with the roots of the Kawasaki region's specialty ``Hodoimo'', a legume plant, are gaining popularity. Native to North America, it is also known as ``Apios'' and is cultivated by several local farmers.It is said to contain a lot of calcium and fiber and is effective in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol.It is processed into powder and kneaded into noodle dough. There is. There is also a corner with information on sightseeing and souvenirs in the Higashiiwai region. ■Opening hours: Direct farm facilities/restaurants/9:00-19:00 (until 18:00 from December to March) Information Rest facility/24 hours, open all year round

42-3 Kawasakicho Hodochi, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture 029-0202
Route 1: Ichinoseki Station → [15 minutes by conventional line] Rikuchukadozaki Station → [5 minutes by taxi] Roadside Station "Kawasaki"

Route 2: Ichinoseki IC → [20 minutes by car] Roadside station "Kawasaki"
Roadside Station Kawasaki
Phone number 0191-36-5170
FAX number 0191-36-5180

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